Thursday, March 10, 2011


In Honor of DAYTONA'S 70th Annual Bike Week, I wanna tell ya' about my favorite ride.

There's only one road thru Big Cypress Swamp. Florida - US 41. 2 lane black top... 80 miles without a stop light. A Bikers dream, speed limit mostly ignored... not too many Cops.
Ride South on any day, thru the 10,000 Islands... smell the sweet Buttonwood smoke from the Indian Villages you pass along the way.

There ain't much to see... if you ain't lookin'. Royal Palms and Sabels... Cypress, Mangroves, Jack Pines, Live Oaks with Spanish Moss hangin' down like hair... Tall Saw Grass, far as you can see. Hundreds of birds...Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Ibis, Kigfishers... Buzzards galore.

My Lady calls out every time she spots a critter along the road... Gator, Gator, Gator. Sometimes a Hundred of 'em. Saw a Bobcat one day, and small Deer. Dry season, water level's fall and Aligators start bunchin' up in the deep spots... they don't like it much... rather be alone, out in the Glades. I try not to mess with 'em, too much.

We ride down past the Everglades City turn off... nice to stop at Joanies Blue Crab Cafe, an old "Florida Cracker" House at the side of the Road. Live Music on Weekends, the sign says... and Cold Beer.

Bikers Welcome. Gator on the Menu... Gator's out back.

Raiford Starke with the WHOLETONES @ Joanies

Raiford plays there quite a bit...and my Boys, The WHOLETONES... It's the ONLY place to grab a bite for quite a ways on this Lonesome Highway. Other time atmosphere. Drop in, if you get a chance.

We like to stop at Fakahatchee Seminole Store... trade up some Indian Beads, cash only. They might not trust us... fair enough.

Their flag is red, white, yellow and black...

Ride another 20 Miles or so,down to the Ranger Station called The Oasis, watch them Gators for a while.

2 Lane Black Top, all the way to Miami... or Key West.

Not much has changed here, last 10,000 years or so, when the first Humans came rollin' thru.

We like it.