Friday, April 16, 2010


Mike and Pops

We moved to Florida back in '98, after we got out of the family car parts factory in Detroit... I learned the boat biz from the bottom up, ended up as a Charter Boat Captain, had a lot of fun, went all over, caught a lot of fish... ran 90 miles South, to Key West, quite a few times... ANYTHING is possible out on the big water, nothing would surprise me.

Big Barracuda

Very LARGE animals live there, this I know! Mostly now I teach others navigation, give out free fishin' tips and spend as much time as possible playing with my friends, the locals, Bottle Nose Dolphins... they are smart, fun-lovin' and all-over-the-place, down here. They ARE the Hippies of the Sea.

Dancing dolphins

Early one Sunday at my inside job, I traded e mails from Afghanistan with a young Army Captain... he wanted to book a boat trip so he could take his Lady to a remote beach and "Pop" the question.

Cpt J and fiance

I replied that in South West Florida we take part in OPERATION OPEN ARMS. A deal where Marinas and Fishermen hook-up American Military People with FREE FUN on the water! Well, we hooked him UP, she said YES, and he's now on his way back to Kabul... Heading EAST, he call's it. Best Wishes and God Speed to Capt. JP and his Bride to be! I was honored to be in his presence.

Ring couple

We HATE WAR, but we LOVE our Warriors.

Squid and Taylor

Capt. Doug, "The Rockin' Rebel" is, in my life, to Fishing, what Gary Grimshaw is to Art! The Man has taught me just about everything I know on the subject. Yeah BUDDY ! His sidekick and First Mate, Capt Josh, alias ''The Squid'' is the best fisherman I have had the pleasure of working with.

Alex and Doug

We tried to start a fishing show but it just didn't pan out. We made a LOT of offshore trips.... 50-60 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico... Shot ton's of video and pix and now I'm gonna share 'em with you-all! The music is all homegrown too. Just like the old days.

In our own version of Operation Open Arms. Capt. Doug took my Son Alex' Band, The Wholetones, my Son Mike and I Offshore yesterday... in honor of Mike's up coming deployment to the Persian Gulf with the US NAVY.

Tonite we had Capt. Rich's Coconut Snapper Surprise... The main ingredient, other than various Snapper Fish, is Pinia Colada Mix and Chohula Lime-Pepper Powder, give it a shot!

Hard to beat. Tomorrow it's snapper taco's... I have indeed been blessed. Like Iggy said... " I never thought it would come to this, baby..."

Capt Big Rich Dorris

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