Friday, April 9, 2010


MIXED MEDIA was a "Head Shop", down on Cass Avenue, in Detroit. I used to go there and buy stuff... cigarette papers, records, posters... stuff any good hipster needs. Robin Sommers was the guy behind the counter, who ran the place. Barry Kramer of CREEM Magazine fame, was the owner.

Mr. Natural by R. Crumb

I was actually at Kramer's house one time with Peter "The Witch" Canfield... huge Circus cartoon cut-outs by R. Crumb, (Mr. Natural) the Underground Comic Book Artist, decorated the kid's room... Ring Master, lion tamer, animals, like that... truly awesome to this would-be-cartoonist. Anyway, Robin was always in the shop... pretty cool guy, a little older, like the MC5 and Trans-Love people, than us street freek kids. Always a serious air of "Cool" around him.

Robin did the Light Show at the Grande for quite a while, with a whole slew of Trans Love people. I met him in the early '90's with Gary Grimshaw and invited him to check out some vintage posters from my collection... he agreed to meet me at the Cass Cafe near Forrest, down in the old Hippie Ghetto near Wayne State University. Right across the street was the first Unitarian Church... some very early MC5 events were held there, in the lower level. That area is also known as the Culture center of Detroit, Main Library, Art & Historical Museums and all that.

I brought noted Grande Guy, Charles Green... his collection, and my MC5 days Partner, Bob Grey, for 2 sessions of beer sippin', flash-backin' to the Glory Days of Old. Robin drew the Red/White Blue MC5 Grande Card with Brother JC Crawford on it. VERY nice!

Robin Sommers poster

I hope you all enjoy... Robin has some tales to tell!

Big Rich... Down on the Beach.

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