Sunday, March 28, 2010


Got a call one day, 1971...still livin' down in the Wayne State Ghetto, a wild woman I know had met Peter Green at the Filmore East in NYC.. Fleetwood Mac was sittin' at the Ramada Inn by Detroit Metro Airport with nuthin' to do, could they come over?

Anyway, they sure did... Peter, Mick Fleetwood...the whole band, this was before Stevie Nicks and all. Unbelievable... My Lady cooked 'em a bad-ass Hippie-Whole-Wheat-Pizza with Miso-Tahini Sauce and carrots instead of pepperoni, loaf of bread for the road.

They loved it... MOST cool people, hung out, asked us if we "Wanna go to the show tonight"... so we did. Alley behind the Eastown was dark, black security guards with rifles run us off, so I asked John McVie, "Where'd you guys park last time?"... he replied, " We left that in the hands of others". I usually step on my d*ck when I meet my heroes, right Wayne? OH WELL.

Inside, Black Sabbath was playin', so crowded we couldn't leave backstage.. I stood in the wings next to a guy with a machine gun bullet belt and a clear plastic guitar, I didn't know shit about those guys... Iron Man and all.

Fleetwood took the stage, most awesome... Mick had two big round bells hangin' from his belt, dig? He had kids from the crowd up, beatin' on his drums. A VERY rowdy crowd hung at the Eastown Theatre... this I know.

Photo: Sean Doerr

Still can't believe... they took us with 'em next night to the Palladium, another music place out in Birmingham... walked in the front door with Fleetwood Mac, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS! Thanks Pete.



Great story Rich! I saw that show at the Eastown. Wow, that brings back memories. I always thought Fleetwood Mac was sooooo much better when Peter Green was with them.

BIG RICH said...

"The MAC was ONE of A KIND!"