Wednesday, March 10, 2010


photo: Lesley Maki

I just wanna' TESTIFY, Brothers and Sisters, to a Young Lady from Ypsilanti Michigan! Kimmer is her name and spreadin' RIGHTEOUS INFORMATION is her game! I call her the QUEEN! You all know her as RETRO: KIMMER for her '60's blog... all music and fashion and history, from then right up to NOW!

Retro: Kimmer

We have followed each other's story's for awhile now on Face Book and all, and when I suggested a piece on GARY GRIMSHAW and the book he's puttin' out, KIMMER jumped on it and in a matter of DAYS this whole thing exploded! I want to thank her for guiding me, an internet vidiot, via late nite phone calls, to create a way for Gary's Fans to follow his developments, and a place for me to tell, with pix and flix, my eyewitness accounts of DEE-TROIT Rock N' Roll! HELL YEAH!

Photograph by Scott Dedenbach


RetroKimmer said...


Fast Film said...

Here, here! (or is it hear, hear?)

It's a **** thing said...

Excellent blog. I've an interview with M Davis over on mine if you want it and in a few months I'll be going to the Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power show in London.
So I guess that will be reviewed.
Feel free to grab what you want though.

Cherieboo said...

I am thee "mystery girl" in the NYC pix. Cherie

Anonymous said...

Wanna know sumthin about the The Detroit Punk Rock Scene,& more~jus ask BIG RICH! Thanks to YOU, Rich: for all that you have contributed to the Punk days! And have kept alive, today! Jus keep that camera and video recorder in hand...Love and Light to You and Yours' cb