Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Saint Gregory's, 1964, Dexter and Fenkell, Detroit... couple miles from the GRANDE BALLROOM. 300 kids in the whole High School. In the Gym, up on the stage where we had the Christmas Play... now the boys and girls were READY to ROCK! The Band wearin' matchin' Blue Sharkskin Sport Coats with Velvet Collars, skinny ties. Sax player wailin'... down on his knees bent WAY back. Singer screamin' "Do ya' know how to PONY?"

The "LAND of a THOUSAND DANCES "... my first LIVE BAND music... must have been Home Coming. 9th Grade...We hit the floor runnin'! I didn't know HOW to dance, Mom said... "Don't worry, some little Chik-a-dee will show you!" ...and they did. Sock Hop, take of your shoes and run around...

DJ spinnin' "BABY LOVE"... no line dance, more of a circle. Grimshaw says the Lincoln Park way was to try and stomp your feet thru the floor... The "UBANGI STOMP"! You know... "Cannibal Style"! Roger Miller singin' "Chug-A-Lug", if only them Nuns knew what's next... some Hip Kids went on Robin Seymour's Dance Show that year, "SWINGIN' TIME"... not me, Man.

Osborn High School on 7 Mile, East Side, 4,000 students... Home Coming '66 was a whole 'nother story. A sea of Frat Boys & Girls packin' the gym. Paul Revere & The Raiders singin' "KICKS"... Greaser's on the edge, hangin' outside... smokin' Luckie's, huffin' helium from the balloons to talk like a duck. BIG hair and leathers vs. Madras and penny loafers... I split and never looked back.

A few Hippie's started poppin' up, growin' long hair, passin' out Grande Cards in the Hall... once that clicked, I was GONE. Got burnt for smokin' that joint in the Boy's Room. Threw my bag out the window, told Mom goodbye and headed out into the night, no plan... Wayne State livin', High School kick-out... Street Freek. Down on Prentis and Cass. Winter of 1967.

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