Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The New York Dolls

I boosted John Sinclair's copy of The NY Doll's first album when I worked for Rainbow, about 1970 somethin'...

John Rob and .....

Didn't think he'd miss it. Lot of people ripped on me for diggin' the New York Dolls but I didn't give a F*ck, something about 'em hooked me AND my brothers... like a dressed up mixture of the 5 and Stooges... somehow.

Fat Boy

I never saw 'em play, but a couple of my biker Bros, Fat Boy & the Rhino, were bodyguards for 'em when they did an extended run at a place called the TRADING POST on Gratiot. Never heard of any trouble then...Ya never know where you'll find a Doll's Fan.

The Rhino

Ain't life funny......

Gang War Wayne Kramer Johnny T and Ron Cooke

Sometime later, like '78?... Gang War came on the scene. One night we decided to drop some acid, for reasons which escape me at this point, and go see 'em at the Pretzel Bowl, a bar on Woodward in Detroit... Wayne had recently returned from the Fed's and a ROCKIN' good time was had by all... Detroit Bass Player Ron Cooke and Johnny Morgan joined in the mayhem too.

I got best dancer prize from Johnny Thunders... a memorable night to say the least.

Trippin at the Pretzel Bowl

Seva had shows downstairs now a Comedy Club

The SEVA club wouldn't let 'em play one night in Ann Arbor unless we did stage security, as Thunders had been acting up... usual stupid shit, anyway, he was F'n with Wayne, who kicked him square in the chest, into the amps...

Johnny split up the back stairs, we chased him... just what he wanted, and found him hidin' in a van with fans of the female type... the show went on, everyone had a fine time and it wasn't too far in the future they were chasin' me up them same stairs. I said before, a lot of shit happens when everybody's high.

Born to Lose Johnny Thunders RIP

Read more about Gang War History HERE


Anonymous said...

The TRADING POST in Birmingham, MI. Takes me back, a long time ago! I loved hitting up that place!

Anonymous said...

Prob into NYDOlls cuz Wayne Kramer was there w/them! You're NOT the only one!