Thursday, March 4, 2010

MC5 Rob Tyner Tribute Show Motor City's Burnin

I'm down on Schaefer Highway, out on the West Side. Rob Tyner's passing has brought a throng of Detroit Rock n' Rollers to Moby Dick's Bar in Dearborn... to "Remember Rob Tyner"....a HELL of a guy. I'd met his Mom at the funeral home a few weeks before... she buried her face in my MC5 t-shirt and sobbed... I cried like a baby... heart-broken.

Tonight it was Scott Morgan, Bobby East, Dee Dee Ramone, Wally from the Romantics and a shit-load of others... these guys are jammin' when I walk in. Killin' it for Rob... Hijackin' Love, Route 66... Michael Davis is brought onstage by Wayne Kramer... with Tino singin', some Howling Diablos and Rob's Guitarist from Weapons, Robert Gillespie... they do a 10 minute version of the "MOTOR CITY'S BURNIN"! This boy is impressed.... backstage I run into my old Pal Mike Davis, I ain't seen him in years... Let me' buy you a drink. Kick out the JAMS!


Fast Film said...

I like your "you are there" style of description, not to mention the swell videos. Thanks for posting these!

RetroKimmer said...

He was there!! LOL dang we used to have fun before health and the surgeon general had to ruin everything!

Anonymous said...

So was that backstage or in rehearsal? They didn't play that one at the 1992 show onstage.